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This is my latest book:

The Revelation of God’s love through Jesus Christ:


In this book, I write extensively about the Gospel of Grace understanding the glorious liberty of the New covenant.

It covers a lot of topics (the pure gospel of grace, God’s love, Christ’s compassion, avoiding mixture, confession, faith vs works, lord’s supper, prayer, repentance, sanctification, growing through grace, finding God’s will, believers cannot lose salvation, Ananias and Sapphira, baptism, Holy Spirit, Judgment Seat of Christ, rewards, tithing, worldliness, difference between New and Old Covenant, grace that sets us free from sin, the radical demands of Christ, etc.)

It also removes a lot of fear about the End-Times by a Biblically and historically contextual study of the book of Revelation. Topics include the great tribulation, Matthew 24, Daniel’s prophecies, 7 churches of Asia, Beasts of Revelation, Mark of Beast, the 144000, the parables, Israel and 1948, the Millennium, Two resurrections, New heaven and earth.

In short, this book is a “Revelation” of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the End-Times.

Hope you will enjoy it!

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