Jesus Christ’s finished work ended the law to make us righteous by faith

ROMANS 10 “4 Christ is the end of the law so that there may be righteousness for everyone who believes.”

The entire story of the Bible revolves around Israel and the law from Abraham and his descendants, circumcision, ten commandments, 613 laws, the wilderness journey, the promised land, the prophets UNTIL Jesus came to end the law on the cross.

God gave Israel the law as 613 commands that were ALL required to be righteous (Deut 6:24-25). No commands could be removed from the law (Deut 4:2).

Israel was trying to be righteous by the law and were mainly focusing on the ceremonial laws and they were not obeying the moral laws (loving one another).

Therefore John the baptist came to Israel telling them to repent to confess their sins of breaking the law (Luke 3).

Jesus exposed the hypocrisy of Israel by showing them that they were not righteous by the law because they did not obey the commands of loving God and their neighbors and enemies (Matthew 5, Matthew 23, Mark 12, Matthew 19).

Jesus showed He alone fulfilled the law in His life (Matthew 5:17)
He was the only man who obeyed the entire law fully without sinning.
Jesus gave up all His possessions, loved God, loved all people, did not even say or think a bad word, died on the cross and yet forgave and loved His enemies!

On the cross, the entire law (ALL 613 commands) ended so that righteousness, salvation, forgiveness of sins is given to ALL who believe in Jesus
(Ephesians 2:8-16, Colossians 2:13-14, Acts 10:43, Acts 13:38-39)

Believers are sinless because we are not under law and now Christ lives in us by grace (Romans 6:14, Romans 4:15, Galatians 2:19-21)

But the Apostles still held on to the moral aspects of the law. They agreed that the ceremonial aspects of the law ended so that Gentiles could be saved by faith without circumcision. But Paul required believers to “follow Jesus” in obeying the law of loving one another, carrying the cross, and not sinning (Luke 12, Luke 14, Romans 13, Galatians 5-6, Romans 8:12-14, Ephesians 5, Colossians 3).
James and John also said the same thing (James 2, 1 John 2-5, Revelation 2-3, 14). Peter also said the same (1 and 2 Peter).

The Apostles reduced the 613 commands of the law to 1 command of loving others (Leviticus 19:18, Galatians 5:14)
But this was a contradiction because nobody could change the law (Deut 4:2). The law was a single indivisible piece that could not be reduced or added.

This is because the Apostles were still holding on to the prophecies of Israel where God would make a new covenant with the 12 tribes to write the law in their hearts (Jeremiah 31:33, Hebrews 10:16, Romans 2:29).

Paul was desperate to see Israel restored after seeing the Gentile believers receiving salvation and obeying the law in their hearts so that Jesus would return in His lifetime (Romans 9-11)

The book of Revelation describes that dream of the apostles where they wanted Jesus to return in their lifetime and establish a Jewish kingdom on earth teaching the law to the nations (Revelation 20-22)

This did not happen and God did not restore Israel and Jesus did not come back to write the law in their hearts.

The Apostles misunderstood the mystery of God because they did not fully realize that Jesus came to REMOVE the ENTIRE LAW by the CROSS.

God does not command 613 commands to anyone today.

God does not command even 1 command of law to anybody today.

No human being could obey the law but Jesus.
Only Jesus did not sin and He fulfilled the law.
Jesus learned obedience to the law by suffering on the cross and never sinned (Heb 5:8, Heb 4:18, 1 Peter 2:22)

On the Cross Jesus abolished the law AFTER the law was fulfilled in His life.

He rose from the dead as proof that our sins are forgiven because the law ended.

Christ obeyed the law and His obedience made us Righteous by faith alone by grace !!

ROMANS 5 “18….one righteous act resulted in justification and life for all people…..through the obedience of the one man (JESUS) the many will be made righteous”

The reason the law does not exist today is because of the CROSS of Jesus.

Jesus ended the law to make us Righteous/Forgiven all sins/ Sinless/ Holy/Blameless/Sanctified/Cleansed/Perfect by Faith !!

We believe in Jesus to be Righteous and Forgiven all sins without doing any works !!

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