Faith in JESUS made us SINLESS (FORGIVEN ALL sins)

ACTS 10:43 “everyone who believes in Jesus receives forgiveness of sins”

What is the meaning of forgiveness of sins?
It means that believers are perfectly sinless by faith and not our works.

Under the Law, people were commanded to do works to be righteous (Deuteronomy 6:24-25)
They failed and had to confess sins constantly (Leviticus 5:5-6)

They never had the forgiveness of sins because the law always commanded them to do works and they failed to be righteous by works (Romans 3:10-20). They never had the Holy Spirit (righteousness of God).
They kept confessing sins because sins could never removed by animal sacrifices under law (Hebrews 10:1-5)

So then Jesus Christ came to do God’s will.
He was the only man who did not sin but He obeyed the law.
He then died on the cross and rose again because the entire law and its commands were abolished (Colossians 2:13-14, Ephesians 2:13-16)

HEB 10 “9 Then he said, “Here I am, I have come to do your will.” He sets aside the first to establish the second. 10 And by that will, we have been made HOLY through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ ONCE FOR ALL……14 For by one sacrifice he has made PERFECT forever those who are HOLY”

God took away the law by the blood of Jesus. His death on the cross made us perfect and sinless, forgiving us all sins.

We were dead in sin without Christ in the past. But by faith in Jesus, we became alive with Christ forgiven all sins.

The believer received the Holy Spirit and now Christ lives in us (Ephesians 1:13-14, Colossians 1:27)
The believer received the forgiveness of sins (Acts 13:38-40, Colossians 1:14)
The believer received the righteousness of God (Romans 3:21-25, Romans 4:4-25)
The believer became sanctified by faith (Acts 26:18)

It is because Christ received ALL our sin on the cross and we received ALL of God’s Righteousness by faith in Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:21)

The believer is sinless because Christ already obeyed the entire law and now lives in us. Therefore God does not command any law to us and so the believer cannot sin anymore. The obedience of Christ made us believers righteous without works (Romans 5:15-19)

We died to the law on the cross and are under grace because the sinless Christ lives in us (Galatians 2:19-21)

By faith in Jesus, we are not under law. Now without the law we are not sinners! (Romans 4:13-16, Galatians 3:19-25)

This is the meaning of Forgiveness of sins. The blood of Jesus removed all sin.
We are sinless. We are the righteousness of God.

The only reason God gave us the Holy Spirit by faith in Jesus is because ALL our sins were forgiven and we became sinless, holy, saints, sanctified, righteous, washed, cleansed, purified.

1 COR 6 “you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”

EPH 1 “3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ…..7 In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace 8 that he lavished on us. “

If believers are still sinners, then Adam is greater than Jesus.
If believers are still under law, then Moses is more powerful than Jesus.

GOD FORBID such confusion !!

The truth is that Jesus removed all our sins and ended the law to bring GRACE to believers!

For believers to keep confessing sins and calling ourselves as sinners is unbelief. It is mixing law and grace! It is confusion! It is because we don’t understand the forgiveness of sins! We need to know what Jesus did on the cross!

Let us believe what Jesus did for us! Let us understand the forgiveness of sins

COLOSSIANS 2 “9 For in Christ all the fullness of God lives in bodily form, 10 and in Christ you have been brought to fullness… you were also raised with him through your faith….13 When you were dead in your sins and in the uncircumcision of your flesh, God made you ALIVE with Christ. He FORGAVE us ALL our sins, 14 having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the CROSS.”

Jesus is the sinless perfection of God.
The believer became perfectly sinless in Christ.
On the Cross Jesus forgave all our sins by ending the law.
He rose from the dead without any sin.
We were raised with Christ by faith, made ALIVE forgiven all sins.

The believer is sinless and perfectly righteous because Christ took away our sins and now He lives in us.
Christ and sin cannot co-exist. The believer has Christ. We have no sin.

As Christ is sinless, we are sinless because of what He did on the cross. (1 John 4:17 “In this world we are like Jesus.”)
This is the forgiveness of sins. This is the Gospel of Jesus.

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