Come out of confusion!

This is what 99.9% of Christians are taught: A mixed message

– We are forgiven all sins by the blood of Jesus but need to confess sins every Sunday to be forgiven or experience forgiveness.

– We are justified by faith without works but need sanctification by works.

– We are saved by grace but are rewarded by works.

– We are not saved by the law but are guided by the law.

– Jesus died for our sins but God will punish our sins if we don’t stop sinning.


Romans 11 “6 And if by grace, then it cannot be based on works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace.”

There are 2 covenants in the Bible:
1) LAW : God judges works. Man does all the works to be righteous, and if you break even 1 command you are guilty of breaking all.

2) GRACE: God does not judge works because Jesus did it all, you are righteous by faith, forgiven all sin, perfect, holy and sinless by His finished work. There are no works commanded here. Unbelievers are condemned but believers are saved.

Jesus ENDED the law and ENDED all works, REMOVED all sins on the CROSS and rose from the dead.

Everyone who believes in Jesus is forgiven all sin, not commanded any works, because we are righteous without works.

Dear believer, you died to works and sins..
We relate to God NOT based on works anymore.
Jesus already made you sinless and perfect.
God says you are perfect without judgment.
Rest in His finished work.

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