Resting in Jesus Christ’s finished work

Resting in Jesus’ finished work.

Many Christians try to imitate Jesus and be more like Him.

– Jesus was born of a virgin
– Jesus fasted 40 days and nights.
– Jesus left all His earthly possessions.
– Jesus prayed for entire nights.
– Jesus never sinned.
– Jesus was perfect in His behavior.
– Jesus died on the cross.

Believers will try to copy Jesus but realize that they cannot do most of what He did. So they do a few things and think that they are following Jesus.

Sorry, but nobody is following Jesus.
Its because Jesus did not call us to do the things that He did.

The most important thing is that Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead to save us.

We are righteous by faith in Jesus through His finished work.

We are holy, perfect, sinless by faith in Jesus.

Jesus did all the work.
His blood made us perfect and sinless by faith.

So then we stop trying to copy Him…we cannot do it.

We don’t have to become like Jesus.
He already made us perfect like Himself by His blood.
We are already perfect like Jesus by faith.

Just rest in His finished work. He did it all for you.

Just believe and be at rest.

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