Jesus fulfilled the law and removed it so that Righteousness is given to all who believe!

The Bible was about the fulfillment of the Law by Jesus Christ.

God made the covenant with Abraham and his descendants to give them the land.

Later on this covenant was the Law of Moses.

Israel failed to obey the Law and were exiled out of the land. God promised Israel to make a New Covenant to give them Grace to forgive their sins under the old Covenant and give them the Spirit to fulfill the law and obey it fully. Jesus came to forgive their sins committed under the Law to give them Grace.

Grace forgave their sins of the law.

Grace to also fulfill the law by loving one another like Himself.

He would write His law of radical love on the hearts of believers.

Jesus fulfilled the law by showing that radical Christ-like love was the fulfillment of the law.

This was the Biblical grace: to follow Jesus and become like Him by grace through faith and not works of the flesh. Jesus said that the fulfillment of law was to love God and people radically.

The only people who did this was Jesus and then believers in the 1st century because the Law still existed in that 40 year period from the Cross to AD70.

This is why the believers could still sin by disobeying Jesus’ commandment of loving one another and lose salvation (James 2, Galatians 5, Hebrews 10-12, 1 Thess 4, Romans 8, 2 Peter 3).

That is why they confessed sins (1 John 1:9, James 5) because they could still break the law.

This is why Jesus commanded them to be Perfect as the Father by keeping the law (Matt 5).

This was by grace through faith because nobody could obey the law apart from faith in Jesus.

But once they believed in Jesus they had to fulfill the law. If they went back to sin they would lose salvation.

They faced the great tribulation in that 40 year period. They had to overcome persecution, problems, etc…to be saved. They had to endure till the end to be saved. They had to endure and receive righteousness in the end.

If the 144000 were saved then God would make a New Jerusalem on earth and the 12 Apostles would reign on earth with the 144000 to guide the nations with the law.

But this failed to happen.

The believers failed to follow Jesus and fell away in the tribulation.

The law passed away when Israel and Jerusalem was destroyed in AD70.

The covenant of Israel passed away. Israel failed to accept Jesus in that last generation of the law.

Today there is no law. There is no sin because there is no breaking of the law.

Unbelievers are spiritually dead without God.

A person is made sinless and righteous by faith in Jesus.

We receive forgiveness of sin of the guilty conscience and not breaking of the law.

The believer cannot lose salvation because there is no law to break!

The believer is perfectly righteous and sinless.

The Grace today is to receive forgiveness and righteousness.

There is no Grace to fulfill or keep the law because the law does not exist.

Today there is no New Covenant with Israel because the covenants with Israel and their land promises all ended.

There is no law, no confession of sins, no repentance, no following Jesus, no carrying the cross, no fulfilling the law, no breaking the law…..nothing.

There is only one commandment: – Believe in Jesus to be righteous and forgiven eternally.

There is no commandment to love like Jesus or following Jesus because there is no need law to fulfill.

Believers cannot lose salvation because we are sinless and there is no law to break!

This is why no believers are following Jesus or are perfectly loving like Him today.

It is good to love others and not do bad deeds……but not to follow Jesus or become perfect like Him …because there is no commandment of fulfilling the law/loving others since God has already imputed righteousness to us freely without works and there is no law to fulfill.

The Bible has been fulfilled when the law and Israel’s covenants ended in AD70.

The entire purpose of the Bible is to simply point us to the person of Jesus Christ to receive eternal life by faith.

Today we just believe in Jesus and not live by the Bible or the law.

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