The only command is to believe in Jesus to be saved.

We can look at the Bible and be confused if we don’t understand the different covenants and dispensations

Genesis 1-3: Man sinned

Genesis 15: Abraham believed to be righteous not by works.

Genesis 17: Ceremonial law began when God commanded Abraham and his descendants (Jews) to be circumcised to be part of covenant. This was covenant of circumcision.

Exodus 20: Moral law began when God gave 10 commandments to Israel and rest of 613 laws called the Law of Moses. This is the old covenant of Moses.

Old Testament: Israel broke the old covenant law and were punished by foreign nations. But God promised forgiveness in the New Covenant.

Matthew-John: Jesus Christ came to obey the entire law and died on the cross to make the New Covenant so that Jews could be forgiven for breaking the law and be saved by faith in Jesus.

Acts 10-onwards: Circumcision ended on the cross, therefore Jesus sent Paul to the Gentiles to be saved by faith.

Acts-Revelation: The moral law still remained and that is why Jesus, Paul and All Apostles commanded believers to follow Jesus in repenting from sins, obeying the moral law (loving one another, keeping the ten commandments).

Hebrews 8:13 The old covenant (law) ended in AD70 when Jerusalem was destroyed.

Today there is no ceremonial law.
Today there is no moral law.
The law does not exist today.
We live in the age of pure grace!
Only one command today:
Believe in Jesus and you will be saved without doing a single work!
The only sin is unbelief, no other sins exist today because there is no law.

The unbeliever is self-righteous but the believer trusts in Jesus to be righteous.

The believer is forgiven, sinless and righteous without works.

Jesus will come back to resurrect the dead.
All who believe in Jesus will have eternal life.
Those who reject Christ will perish in the sin of unbelief.

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