Religious evolution

Religious evolution

Man has evolved in religion just like he has evolved in other areas of society.

40,000 years ago, people worshipped trees, animals, plants, sun, moon, stars
Then they created their own “gods” and religions and worshipped idols.

Then Egypt, China, Persians, Israel worshipped their concept of one God.

They believed in doing rituals and good deeds to be saved from the judgment day when God would destroy the earth.

The story of God’s judgment and resurrection came from Persia that was then copied by the Jews and other religions.
They sacrificed animals to appease His supposed wrath.
They believed that people had to be stoned to death for breaking the ten commandments.
The Romans crucified people for crimes and threw them to the lions and wild animals.
Its because these people were not mentally evolved as we are today.

Christianity evolved from Judaism. It began showing that God is loving and forgiving, not needing animal sacrifices because Jesus the Son of God died on the cross and rose from the dead.
Apostles preached 2nd coming in 1st century but it did not happen.

Judaism moved away from temple and animal sacrifices into Rabbinic Judaism.

Islam was a new version of Judeo-Christianity, formed to believe in their one God and prophet, recognizing Jesus as a prophet and not Son of God.

Hinduism has many “gods” but one supreme God above them all.
Universalism believes that all religions lead to same God.

Christian universalism believes that everyone will eventually be saved.

Some believe that there is no judgment or hell today.

More people believe that God is unconditional love and not a judge.

Today people don’t believe in the death sentence for crimes but look for paying fines, community service, jail time, mental treatment, education, and reformation rather than ancient brutal punishments.

I believe that God revealed Himself through Jesus and that there is no sin, judgment or hell or devil. The entire world is righteous without faith or works or religion.

As you can see how we have evolved in our view of God over the last 40,000 years.

The truth is that God is love and He never judges anyone.
Jesus came to show God’s unconditional love.

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