The Bible was all about Israel’s failed land narrative using religion

The Bible is all about Israel’s failed land narrative using religion

Israel wrote the Bible. It was not written to us.
Adam & Eve were their mythical ancestors walking around naked in some garden of Eden (which never existed).
They were kicked out of the land when they sinned.
Actually God never talked to them or commanded anything.

Later on, Abraham was promised the land to his descendants only, which would be Israel.
God never did any of this. Why would He ignore all the Gentile nations for 1000s of years and just choose one man?
Israel captured the land of 7 other nations, claiming that God gave them the law and helped them.
God never did any of these things.
He does not help nations destroy others.
He never gave any law to Israel or any nation.

Israel was kicked out of the land when they lost wars.
They thought it was God’s judgment.
But God had nothing to do with their exile or their entry to the land.
It was all their religious delusion.

Then Israel thought that God promised them return to the land and unity under a new King and Savior.
But God never promised anything.

Israel were living in their “last days” hoping for the resurrection of the dead so that Abraham and all the Jews could inherit the kingdom of God and live forever in their promised land.

Jesus came preaching love and peace, not war.
Jesus came showing that God never had any problems with Jews or Gentiles, but that He loves and forgave everyone.
Israel made Jesus as Messiah and put all kind of false ideas, such as Jesus promising them a kingdom on earth, and resurrection of the dead, judging all sinners, etc..
But Jesus never said any of those things.
Jesus came to show God’s love.
They killed Him, and He rose from the dead, never to come back.

Israel were kicked out of the land in AD70 by the Romans.
All their prophecies failed.
Jesus never came back. God will never judge the world.
Jesus ended the law on the cross.
All sins of the world are forgiven.
There is no sin or law or hell or judgment or 2nd coming.

God is unconditional love.
The entire world is righteous – we are all His children.

Today’s Jews grabbed the land using military power in 1948 and think that God is helping them again.
It is just religious delusion.
God has no interest in politics or armies or land.
God is love.
He wants you to know that whichever land you live in, whoever you are, whatever you do, you are loved unconditionally and that you are not a sinner, but you are His beloved righteous children.

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