God does not need faith because He loves you unconditionally

The narrative of the Bible is this:
The Law required obedience.
Disobedience is sin.
Sin brings judgment.
Therefore grace is needed to forgive sins.
Grace is received by faith.
Faith needs to be tested by trials.
Faith needs endurance to be saved in the end.
Faith needs works to obey the law
because the law brings final judgment.

But the good news is that the Law was Israel’s religious mythology and their own delusion.
God never gave the law. The law ended in AD70.
Therefore there is no sin or grace or faith.

God is unconditional love. Jesus revealed this love when He took away all sins on the cross and ended the law.
God is our Father who loves us. The Father does not need faith from his children. He does not give us grace because we are not sinners.
He does not need faith because you are already born righteous by the finished work of Jesus.
You are loved forever.
You don’t need grace because you were never a sinner under the law that does not exist.
You are His beloved son under His unconditional love.

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