Jesus came to change ancient religious ideas

Jesus came to change ancient ideas about sin and God.

The Israelites were ancient superstitious people like the pagans.
They believed that death is caused by sin.
But that is not true because even little babies and animals who did not sin, also die.

They believed that blood must be shed to pay for sins.
But God never wanted innocent animals to be sacrificed.

They believed that one can attain immortality by righteous obedience to commands.
But the truth is that God created man as mortal beings and we will never live forever.

They believed that good things happen to good people and that bad things happen to sinners.
But the truth is that God has mercy on whom He chooses, and not based on good or bad deeds.

Jesus came to die on the cross to do this:
– to show that sin has been taken away
– end all those animal sacrifices
– God never judges anyone because He removed all sin on the cross

Jesus rose from the dead showing that the entire world is righteous.
There is no more sin.
There is no law.
No judgment, no hell, no devil. No future 2nd coming or resurrection.

Be set free from religion.
You are God’s beloved children, righteous in Christ.

Jesus never came to save anyone from hell.

Jesus never came to send sinners to hell because hell does not exist apart from our minds thanks to religious indoctrination.

Jesus came to reveal that you are not sinners but righteous children of God.

He died on the cross to remove the sin consciousness from our minds and rose from the dead to declare that we have always been righteous.

Jesus came to renew our minds to this truth!

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