Believing in Jesus and not the Bible

I believe in the person of Jesus but not the Bible.

I don’t believe in Adam/Eve, Garden of Eden, two magical trees, talking snake, original sin because it was a myth borrowed from other ancient religions.

I don’t believe in the story of Noah, Abraham, Israel or Moses, the Law because it was their own mythological stories that never happened.

All of the Old Testament prophecies of Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel in Israel’s land restoration failed.

I don’t believe in the radical demands of Jesus because they were manufactured by Jews who wanted to keep the law to restore Israel’s kingdom on the earth to rule over the world.

Therefore Jesus never made any such demands.

I don’t believe in the rapture/2nd coming of Jesus to establish any new Jerusalem because the prophecy failed in AD70.

Therefore Jesus never made any such promise of coming back.

I don’t believe in judgment, hell or devil because all of those were ancient religious ideas borrowed from other religions in the Middle-east.

Jesus never judges anyone because He took away the sins of the world.

God would never create a devil or hell.

God would never judge a single human being that He created.

Jesus died and rose again to show that God forgave the entire world and has made us righteous without works.

Jesus came to show that we are God’s beloved children that He removed the sins from our own minds/consciences.

The work of Jesus was finished on the cross.

There is no law – there never was any law because it was Israel’s creation.

God never gave any law to humanity.

Jesus died to remove the sin-consciousness from mankind.

No need for anything else in the Bible except the love of Jesus.

Jesus told me that I am righteous without works or faith before I knew anything in the Bible.

I believe in the person of Jesus Christ and not the Bible.

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