The Bible story: God’s unconditional love finally revealed

What is the moral of the Bible story?

God created mankind as imperfect beings but without any laws.
God has always loved us unconditionally and did not ask man to be perfect.

But Adam tried to be perfect like God by knowing good and evil.
The law is the full manifestation of the knowledge of good and evil.
Then God put world under the law so that man could try to be perfect but they failed.

Jesus came to show that only God is perfect.
Jesus did not sin but died on the cross to forgive sins.
After His resurrection, He gave the Holy Spirit to believers so that they could stop sinning and be perfect like Jesus by obeying the law.

Jesus was supposed to judge the world by the law in AD70 by giving immortality on the earth to the perfect believers and sending everyone else to hell.
But the church failed to stop sinning and failed to be perfect. They failed to keep the law.
This is why Jesus never came back and He will not judge the world because man cannot be perfect.

The law ended in AD70.
The Bible story ended in AD70.

Today there is no law and God is showing us through Jesus that He forgave the world and that He loves us unconditionally.
There is no future judgment.

The moral of the Bible story is this: man can never be perfect but the perfect God will never judge us.

God unconditionally loves us in all our imperfections and we are spiritually alive and cannot die spiritually anymore because there is no more law.

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