The Bible is over and Jesus loves you

Everything in the Bible is over and Jesus loves you!

Jesus told the 7 gentile churches in Asia to follow Him, carry the cross, endure tribulation, love one another, repent from sin, obey his commandments because He was coming soon to judge the world.

The pre-cross teaching of Jesus is the same as the post-cross.

The commandments of God in the old testament is same as new testament – to fulfill the law by faith.

It was the time of great tribulation.

The old covenant world ended when Jerusalem was destroyed in AD70.

The new jerusalem is the new covenant world.

There is no scripture written to anyone after AD70.

The story of the Bible is Israel’s law and the fulfillment of the law by Jesus and His disciples.

The Biblical faith is always about obedience to God’s commandments.

The Law said to :

– love God with all the heart, soul, strength

– love neighbor as oneself.

Nobody could keep the law because the flesh was weak.

So God made a New Covenant to forgive sins and give grace to fulfill the law.

Jesus did not come to abolish but fulfill the law.

He alone loved God and people perfectly.

His faith was to fulfill the law even to the point of dying on the cross.

He commanded people to follow Him and enter the kingdom.

The new covenant was the grace given to fulfill the law:

– Believe in Jesus (love Him with all heart, soul, strength)

– Love one another as He loved.

Belief in Jesus meant to follow Him, in radical love for God and people, selling everything, carrying the cross, repenting from sin, obeying his commands, enduring tribulation, to be saved in the end.

But most believers fell away during that tribulation.

The Bible came to an end.

Jesus had many demands on the people but who really obeyed?

Jesus told people to stop sinning, love like He did, endure horrific persecution…but who can do all of this?

In the end Jesus may have said many difficult things in the Bible, but eventually He has mercy and grace and knows that we cannot do it.

Jesus said that if people denied his name then they would be condemned but then He forgave Peter for denying his name.

We cannot have the Biblical faith of following Jesus.

It is impossible.

This is why the Bible came to an end. The Apostles ended.

Some people believe Jesus already came back in AD70 spiritually.

Some think He will come in the future (that is not possible because there is no scripture after AD70 proving that its all over) If Jesus was coming back in the future, then there would be more scriptures and apostles even today!

Jesus said that if people sinned then they would be condemned but on the cross, we see His unmatchable mercy.

He had many warnings but also lots of grace and mercy.

In the end, I believe that He is more gracious than all His words in the Bible.

Of all the words spoken by Jesus, the most important is this, on the cross, when His beloved countrymen tortured and crucified Jesus and blasphemed His name,


This is why the only thing in the Bible that matters is that


JESUS DIED to FORGIVE all our sins.

JESUS ROSE to make us righteous without works.

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