The Biblical faith does not exist today.

Most Christians try to insert themselves into the New Testament.

But many are not aware of the requirements of faith.

The Biblical faith required perfection:

– faith without doubting like Jesus (James 1:6, Mark 11:23)

– faith to do miracles like Jesus did miracles (Mark 16, John 14:12)

– faith with works of loving others like Jesus loved.

(Jesus did not sin, and therefore believers had to stop sinning)

(John 13, James 2, 1 John, Ephesians 5, Galatians 5, Colossians 3)

– faith could not be without works!

– following Jesus, carrying the cross like Jesus.

(Matthew 16, Revelation 2-3, Romans 8 )

– enduring tribulation, persecution, temptation like Jesus endured on the cross.

– Just like Jesus learnt obedience by suffering, they also had to stop sinning by suffering (1 Peter 4:1, Hebrews 5:8)

There’s a teaching that says Paul preached a more “graceful” gospel than Jesus and the 12 Apostles.

That is completely disproven by the book of Revelation where Jesus is talking to 7 Gentile churches in Asia that were setup by Paul in Acts 19.

In those 7 letters, Jesus tells that He is judging them for their works.

He is demanding perfection in their faith, love, obedience, endurance, carrying the cross, holiness, etc (Revelation 2-3)

He praises them for good things but then finds one thing that they need to repent.

Basically demanding perfection, just like Jesus did in the pre-cross Gospels of Matthew/Mark/Luke/John.

James told Jewish believers to fulfill the law by loving others and not sinning (James 2)

John and Peter said the same (1 John, 1/2 Peter)

Paul also told Gentile believers to do the same (Romans 13, Romans 8 )

Paul warned Gentile believers about losing salvation just like Peter did the same to Jews and Gentiles.

(Galatians 5-6, Romans 8:13, 1 Corinthians 6)

I see one consistent message of Biblical faith that was radical.

Read Hebrews 11-12, the Biblical faith required radical obedience to whatever God commanded.

The Biblical faith required the fulfillment of the law by obedience to Christ’s commands of loving one another, enduring the cross, seeking holiness, etc…

Jesus alone fulfilled the law by perfect faith and love (Matthew 5)

The believers in the 1st century also were called to fulfill the law by following Jesus but I suspect that nobody could do it.

(Revelation 12-14)

They did not survive the great tribulation in AD70.

This Biblical faith is IMPOSSIBLE TODAY.

Nobody is having the Biblical faith today.

Most Christians try to have the Biblical faith but are unable to do so and end up confessing their sins and keep trying hard without success.

Grace Christians just ignore/explain away most of what Jesus said but still require their own personal faith without any works / following Jesus.

The Biblical faith, the gospel commission ended with the Apostles in AD70.

Why is that?

It is because the law ended.

The Bible was fulfilled.

The law does not exist today.

The reason it all ended was because nobody is capable of following Jesus or fulfilling the law.

Not even the 1st Century church could do so.

Just see the book of Revelation and Paul’s epistles how we see the state of the Church of constant failure.

Jesus gave all those requirements to show the world and the Church that nobody can have this perfect Biblical faith.

Jesus alone had the perfect Biblical faith, with the perfect love, perfect obedience, perfect righteousness.

Therefore we are not saved by our own faith.

Today we are saved by the faith of Jesus Christ.

That is the grace of God, that we did not have the Biblical faith required for salvation, but Jesus had this Biblical faith that saves us!

His faith is His love, His obedience, His suffering, His finished work, His grace.

It’s ALL JESUS…and nothing of ours!

We are saved by His faith and not ours.

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