Jesus is greater than all Bible theologies

I became a believer in Jesus in 2002 when I realized how much He loved me that He forgave my sins.

But after that I spent 20 years trying to understand the Bible.

I found 100’s of theologies and concepts in the Bible. I believed in many of them over the years, and each theological position can seem very convincing with many scriptures to support them.

  • Law vs Grace
  • Calvinism vs Arminiasm
  • James vs Paul
  • Paul vs Jesus
  • Pre-cross vs Post-cross
  • Preterism vs Futurism
  • Post-tribulation vs Pre-tribulation
  • Partial preterism vs Full preterism
  • Millenial vs amillenial
  • Faith alone vs Faith+works
  • Catholic vs Protestant
  • Holiness vs Grace
  • Universalism/inclusion vs Believers-only
  • Infant-baptism vs Believer-baptism, etc..
  • Cessation of Gifts vs Spiritual gifts/Charismatic
  • KJV-only vs other Bible versions
  • Dispensationalism vs Covenant theology
  • Israel vs Body of Christ
  • Eternal security (OSAS) vs Losing salvation
  • Etc, etc…

Each position can also contradict each other!

When we focus so much on the Bible we can get divided over these theologies and we miss the entire point.

God is not a set of theologies that we somehow need to get right. He is not complicated.

He is Simple.

God is LOVE.

He demonstrated His love through His Son, Jesus Christ, who gave up everything for us.

He loved people in His entire life on the earth and proved it by dying on the cross to forgive our sins.
On the Cross, He asked the Father the forgive those who crucified Him.

Imagine that, Jesus loved people and did good to them all His life and yet they betrayed, deserted, beat Him up, and crucified Him on the cross.

Yet, He said “I love you”…”I forgive you”.

This is LOVE that God gave up Himself through Jesus on the cross.

Jesus came to take away our sins on the cross, to love us, forgive us, to save us.

All the Bible theologies can make us go around in circles, but we come home to the LOVE of the Father in Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.

This is LOVE – God is LOVE – He is Jesus Christ.

Jesus loved us and forgave us on the cross.

He rose from the dead because love overcame death. He continues to love us from heaven, the same way He did on the cross.

We believe in Jesus to be saved, forgiven, justified

You see, dearly beloved, it’s all about Jesus. It’s all about love.

Nothing else matters.

This is the simplicity of Jesus Christ.

God bless you!

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