Jesus is the only revelation of God

Jesus alone is Lord and God.

He alone showed what is true love in that He forgave those who crucified Him.

He gave up all of heaven’s glories to come to the earth and be crucified.

He loved his disciples even after they betrayed Him.

He gave to all who asked.

He didn’t withhold anything.

He gave up Himself for us.

This is love that nobody has ever displayed.

Mohammed, Buddha, Confucius, Gandhi, Moses, Zeus, Ram, Krishna, Shiva – none of them has loved anyone like Jesus.

Jesus alone is God, because He is the Son of God, one with the Father.

He alone died and rose again.

Which other “god” has done that for us?

Nobody has loved us so much except Jesus Christ.

Nobody was risen from the dead to live forever.

Jesus did this because He is God.

Only Jesus is Lord. Nobody else.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Nobody comes to the Father but through Jesus.

God is LOVE and Jesus displayed the love of God on the earth so that we believe in Him and know the true nature of God’s unconditional love.

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