Faith without the finished work is dead

Faith without works is dead.

Faith alone does not justify us.

Faith and works makes us righteous!

But I’m not talking about your faith or my faith.

I’m talking about the faith of Jesus – the faithfulness of Jesus.

You see, if Jesus just says that He loves us, without doing any works, then His faithfulness is dead and useless !

The truth is that the faith of Jesus has works !!

It has the greatest work of all time!

The faith of Jesus had the work of His death on the cross that took away all our sins.

The faith of Jesus is not dead, because He died and rose again, defeating death.

The faith of Jesus on the cross saved us and made us righteous and sinless.

The faith of Jesus is not dead because He rose again.

Therefore faith without the finished work of Jesus is dead.

People whose faith is in their works, is dead.

People whose faith is in Jesus without their works, makes them righteous !!

James was focused on his own works of law just like most Christians are doing today.

He did not even mention the cross even once in his epistle.

His focus was not on Jesus’ finished work.

His focus was on his own works of the law.

The finished work of Jesus ended and removed the law.

Hope you see the glory of Jesus in the finished work.

His faith, His grace, His love saved us without any works from us!

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