Jesus is more gracious than we think!

The Jesus we personally experience is different than the Bible.

Have you noticed why these things don’t happen anymore?

Nobody falls dead in churches like Ananias/Sapphira

People don’t get sick and die when taking Holy communion

Jesus is not sending letters to churches for the last 1900 years?

Jesus is not sending Apostles/prophets telling Churches to repent.

Have you noticed that Jesus is far more loving and gracious in your life?

The Jesus I experienced is very gracious with my mistakes.

The Jesus I experience in my life is far more loving than the Bible teaches us.

Jesus just seems a lot more gracious today.

It’s because the New Testament scriptures were written in the last days of the Law of Israel.

The believers in those days had to fulfill the law by following Jesus.

They were saved by grace but also judged according to works for rewards.

But the Law ended in the 1st Century.

That’s why the scriptures, apostles ended.

Believers today are not required to fulfill the law.

Jesus is now offering grace upon grace to all who believe.We have even greater grace than the Apostles.

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