Gospel to Nations after Law ended in 70AD

From Adam till Moses, sin and death reigned but there was no law.
God dealt with Gentiles based on the righteousness of faith.
Abraham was a Gentile (uncircumcised) when he was righteous in Genesis 15.

After Abraham’s circumcision, God required the keeping of laws in Genesis 17.
Israel was given the full law on Mt.Sinai and was under the law for 1500 years.
Jesus Christ the Glorious Son of God was born under the law
and died on the cross to end the law and raised from the dead.
The time from Cross to 70AD was the last days of Israel.
Israel was judged in 70AD according to the law.
That was the time of Great Tribulation, antichrist, the mark of the beast before 70AD.
The 144,000 Israelites from all nations were saved at that time.
This was the 1st resurrection in 70AD of those who died without worshipping the beast.
The law was completely eradicated from the world in 70AD.

We are living in the Millenium today when Christianity has spread to all Gentile nations.
God deals with Gentiles based on the righteousness of faith in Christ apart from the law.
The law does not exist today but sin and death reign just like it was from the time between Adam and before Israel.
Everyone who believe in Christ receives the forgiveness of sins, abundant grace, the gift of righteousness and eternal life.

On the last day, the believers will be raised from the dead in the 2nd resurrection and be saved from the wrath to come on all nations when the world will be judged by fire.
The believers from all nations will join the 144,000 in the New Jerusalem that will come down to the earth and we will live on earth without any more sin, death or tears.

Therefore there is no more great tribulation, the mark of beast, the antichrist.
No more law to condemn us but only grace to be received by faith in Christ.
We look forward to Jesus Christ’s visible appearance and to see Him face-face in the New heaven and earth to come


Further Notes:

The meaning of Jew is one who is circumcised and under the Law. The Jew did not exist before circumcision came. Gentile simply means one who is not under Law. Abraham was righteous before the law came, that is why he was a Gentile.

Jews were the only people chosen by God because they were under LAW. Christ is a Jew and therefore salvation came from Jews. Gentiles were outside the old covenant. But now in the New Covenant, there is no Jew or Gentile. Anyone who believes in Christ is a child of God. The Law ended in 70AD. There is no Jew after 70AD. Without the Law, there are no more Jews. All people are “Gentiles” today.

The nation of Israel in 1948 is not Biblically Jewish because the Law ended. They follow traditional Judaism and not the Law of Moses. Therefore they are not under any covenant with God because the Law passed away on the cross and ended in 70AD.

God has no favorites today. He accepts people from all nations by faith in Jesus Christ. The only way to be blessed/saved is by faith in Christ irrespective of national/racial background.

Under the old covenant, a Gentile could become an Israelite by becoming circumcised. In Romans 4, Paul says that Gentiles can believe in Jesus Christ because Abraham was uncircumcised when he was made righteous by faith. He clearly says in Galatians 2 that the Gentile is anyone uncircumcised but the Jew is circumcised. This is why there was such a big problem in Acts 15 when the Jewish believers were trying to get Gentile believers circumcised. The term “Gentile” was not simply for “pagan” but anyone uncircumcised. In Acts 13, Paul said that there were God-fearing Gentiles in the synagogue who worshipped God but were not circumcised. Then Paul also preached to pagan Gentiles in the marketplace in Acts 17. So that is why the term “Gentile” does not mean ONLY pagan but also anyone uncircumcised.


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