The Bible Timeline

Where are we in the Biblical timeline?

Let us look at the Bible to see:

First heaven and earth was created. (Genesis 1)

God created Adam.

Adam sinned and death came. (Genesis 3)

Righteousness is only by faith in God. There was no law.

Abraham righteous by faith in God. (Genesis 15)

Circumcision was given to Abraham. (Genesis 17)

Law (Ten Commandments) was given to Israel on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 20)

Righteousness is by keeping the law for 1500 years.

Christ died on the cross to end the law in 30-33AD. (Colossians 2, Ephesians 2)

The great tribulation, antichrist, mark of the beast was between 66-70AD. (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Revelation 1-18)

Israel judged in 70AD. The 144000 from 12 tribes of Israel in all nations were saved. The first resurrection of martyrs from the great tribulation. (Revelation 19-20)

The Law is removed. No more law or ten commandments today.

Righteousness is given only by faith in Christ. Those who believe in Christ are forgiven and righteous. Those who don’t believe are sinners. (Romans 3, Acts 13)

We are living in the Millenium of Revelation 20.

In the future, the 2nd coming of Christ and resurrection will happen when all nations are judged, the world will end. (Revelation 20)

The New heaven and earth will be revealed in Revelation 21-22.

No more death but only believers in Christ are saved.

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