The Bible refutes Full-Preterism and Israel-Only


Full-Preterism and Israel-Only’s key point is that everything ended in AD70 when Israel was judged. They focus so much on Israel that they ignore the beginning and end of the Bible.

When we read the Bible, we see that the Heaven and Earth was the entire planet and God dealt with pagan Gentiles from the time of Adam for approximately 2500 years until the law was given to Israel. The law did not exist for those first 2500 years.

Israel occupied only 1500 years of history when the Law of Moses was enforced and Gentiles were outside God’s blessings.

But Jesus Christ is the center-point of the Bible. He died on the cross to end the law and remove the separation between Israel and the Gentiles.

AD70 was the end of the Great tribulation in the last days of Israel when their nation was judged in the coming of the Lord at the 1st resurrection.

The law does not exist anymore, but sin and death remain in this Millenium that began in AD70 until the end when all nations will be judged and the new heaven and earth will be revealed.

The Full-Preterist viewpoint is very extreme and focused on Israel and AD70.

The Dispensationalist viewpoint is also extreme because it ignores AD70 completely.

The truth is in between:

We take the Book of Revelation to decode the mystery and find that AD70 was only the judgment of Israel. But that God deals with the nations after the law passed away in AD70. Just like God dealt with the nations by faith from the time of Adam till before Israel, in the same way, God deals with the nations by faith in Christ after Israel was judged in AD70 until the end of the world in the future.

This summary below will explain the symmetry and show the true prophetic outline of the Bible:

First Heaven & Earth created  
Adam & Eve’s sin brings death, curse.

No law but sin and death exist

Flood destroys the Earth.

Nations are formed.

God deals with nations based on the righteousness of faith until Abraham is circumcised.

Approximately 2500 years
Law given to Israel.

Old Covenant begins

Separation between Israel and Nations

Gentiles come to God by joining Israel.

Israel in the wilderness for 40 years.

7 nations judged after the 40 years.

The Law of Israel lasts for 1500 years

Jesus Christ dies on the cross to end the law.

Old Covenant ends. New Covenant begins.

No separation between Israel and the Nations.

Gospel sent to Israelites in all nations in their last days in Great Tribulation. Gospel was also sent to Gentiles.

Most Christians killed before 70AD.

Church in great tribulation for 40 years.

Israel judged in 70AD.

1st resurrection of Revelation 20 in 70AD.

Millennium begins in 70AD

Nations are blessed with Gospel in Millenium (1000+ years)

No law but sin and death exists.

End of First Heaven and Earth by fire.

New Heaven & Earth created

No more sin, death or curse.

Millennium ends when all nations are judged in the Second resurrection.

Church lives forever with God and Christ on earth!

The Good News is that the Gospel continues to offer salvation to all nations today in this millennium that we live in now:

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for the sins of the world.

He rose from the dead on the third day.

He will judge the nations in the future.

Everyone who believes in Jesus Christ is forgiven of all sins, and receives the righteousness of God and eternal life in the new heaven and earth to come!







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